Planning Board Applications & Regulations

Planning Board Applications, Fees & Process

Below are the application packets for various types of permits that require Planning Board review per the Town of Wrentham Zong Bylaw, Subdivision Rules & Regulations and Massachusetts General Law. Each application has a specific timeline and submission requirements that both the Town and the Applicant must follow. Contact the Planning Department if you need assistance or have questions about the application process. 

Projects Require the Following: 

  • Application(s) signed by the applicant, owner or designee
  • Three (3) original paper copies of all forms / applications that require a signature, applicable to your project
  • Appropriate Application Fee (Applications will be considered incomplete until the fee is paid)
  • Certified Abutters List from the Assessor's Office (except for Approval Not Required projects)
  • Payment of Legal Advertisement (the Planning Board Office submits the Legal Advertisement to the local newspaper - the Applicant is required to pay for the Legal Advertisement)
  • Number of Paper Plans: Five (5) Full Size (24" x 36") Paper Plans and Nine (9) Ledger/Tabloid Size (11"x17") Paper Plans
  • One electronic copy of all materials submitted


Planning Board Meeting/Submission Schedule


Application Forms

General Applications

Special Permit & Site Plan Approval

Earth Removal

Scenic Road Permit


Form 1 - Approval Not Required (ANR)

Form 2 - Preliminary Subdivision Plan

Form 3 - Definitive Plan Approval


Zoning Bylaw & Regulations


Zoning Bylaws

Accessory Dwelling Unit (Art. 4.11 Wrentham Bylaws)

Marijuana Bylaw (Art. 4.9 Wrentham Zoning Bylaws)

Earth Removal Bylaw (Art. 7.11 Wrentham Zoning Bylaws)

Scenic Roads Bylaw (Ch. 346 Wrentham Bylaws)

Zoning Map

MapLink - Interactive Zoning Map


Town Regulations

Aquifer Protection District Map

Rules & Regulations Governing Special Permits & Site Plan Approval

Planning Board Fee Schedule - 7/20/11

Subdivision Rules & Regulations


Studies & Reports

Master Plan 2004

Affordable Housing Plan 2005