Board of Health - Septic Construction, Upgrade, Repair and Soil Evaluation Forms

Septic Construction or Upgrade Form

Septic Component Upgrade or Small Repair

Installers Certificate on New or Upgraded Systemn

Installers Certificate on a Repair

Soil Evaluation Form  PLEASE NOTE:  Soil Testing for new construction must be conducted after December 20th and completed before May 29th. For new construction, applications for percolation testing and high groundwater testing during the groundwater season shall be submitted prior to April 1st. Testing shall not be performed during the current year for the applications received after that date.

Most Common Fees*: Sub-Surface Disposal System less than 1,000 gallons per day.

SOIL EVALUATION (Each site location and site visit) $220


Additional $180 if pump required

Additional $240 if I/A System

Additional $120 if retaining wall


1st plan revision prior to approval: no charge

Each revision prior to plan approval $120

Application for revision of previously approved plan $180

House structure relocation plan review $60

MINOR ALTERATION (i.e., tank or D-box relocation) $102

VARIANCES to Title 5 and/or Wrentham Board of Health Regualtions

New System: $210

Upgrade: $90


Application for transfer or renewal of permit (no plan change) $60

Abandonment of system $60

Innovative/Alternative systems and wastewater treatment plants administrative fee: $30 per year

 * Not a complete list of fees. Please contact the Board of Health for any possible additional fees, and for fees for larger systems.