Board of Health - Betterment Loan Program

The Wrentham Board of Health participates in the Community Septic Management Program (CSMP) offered by the State of Massachusetts. The CSMP is meant to assist homeowners by providing access to low interest loans to be used for the purpose of upgrading failed septic systems. This is referred to as a Betterment Loan.

The money is available to qualifying homeowners at a 2% interest rate for a period of ten years. Monies can be borrowed to cover all aspects of the process (engineering, soil testing, permit fees and construction). There is no credit check required, but all municipal accounts (real estate taxes, water bills etc) must be paid and up to date. The loan is paid back in the form of a betterment placed as an additional line item of the real estate tax bill twice a year.

The septic system must be in failure to qualify for the loan. Loan applications must be accompanied by a report by a certified inspector indicating a failure or by pumping slips indicating that the system has been pumped four or more times in a year.

The homeowner is responsible for obtaining and submitting three estimates for the work of installing the system. The Board of Health will typically choose the lowest estimate. The person who installs the system must have or obtain a license to install from the Town of Wrentham.

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