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Wrentham Police Department


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Mission Statement 

The traditional concept of Policing, reaction to circumstances and calls for assistance, has been evolving over time to one of proactive (community) policing. Society today demands that the police not only “catch the criminal and solve the crime”, they expect the Police to be in a partnership with the community in identifying and solving problems as they arise. Today’s Police Officer in addition to being a “law enforcer” must assume the role of counselor, mediator, teacher and friend.

The citizens of Wrentham are not unique in their expectations of the Police. They want to feel secure in their homes, safe in their neighborhoods and protected from crime. They expect the Police to resolve neighborhood disputes and in many cases resolve whatever conflict arises in their lives.

The objectives of Wrentham’s Police Mission remain constant: to protect its citizens, to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth, to promote and preserve the peace, and to provide services as needed.


Wrentham Police Social Network

 Wrentham Police Department is now using three online resources:

Facebook - In addition to the main 'Wrentham Police Department' Facebook page there are two closed groups.  One is 'Wrentham Police West End Group' and the other is the 'Wrentham Police East End Group'.  These are community policing groups for concerned residents of West and East Wrentham respectively.  If you are interested in joining, please  goto the Wrentham Police Facebook page, click on the group you wish to join and request to be added.  This is a great tool for getting and exchanging information regarding the safety and security of your neighborhood.



"The potential is limitless. We now have the ability to not only inform the public of what is happening in their community, as it is happening, but we can also ask the public for help with investigations that directly affect them."
        Chief James E. Anderson

See full article in the Sun Chronicle. "Wrentham Police Recruit Social Network"