Hydrant Flushing

The Department of Public Works is beginning their yearly Hydrant Flushing Program. If you have any issues, please contact the DPW at (508) 384-5477. The following schedule has been prepared:

Sunday, September 30th through Thursday, October 4th, 2018 – South Street (from 335 South Street to Route 140), Apple Lane, Creek Street (from South Street to Deer Run Road), Deer Run Road, Liberty Pines, William Galvin Way, Sumner Perry Drive, Randall Road, Elementary School (rear), Public Safety Complex, Minot Street, Depot Street, Kendrick Street, Franklin Street (from South Street to May Street), Archer Street, Lake Street, King Philip Regional High School, Circle Drive, Kevin Joe’s Way, May Street, Creek Street (from Deer Run Road to Franklin Street), Robert Topham Drive, Caesar Chelor Drive, “A” Street, Lakeside Avenue, Lake Pearl Park, Welcome Lane, Rowell Road, Gilmore Road, Metacomet Street, Oak Point, Hayden Woods, and Christina Drive.

Monday, October 8th through Thursday, October 11th, 2018 – Franklin Street (from 383 Franklin Street to the Franklin Town Line), Eagle Lane, Wells #2 and #3, Industrial Road, Stonewall Boulevard, 851 Franklin Street, Christina Drive, East Street (from South Street to Thurston Street), Court House at 60 East Street, Common Street, Maples Nursing and Retirement Center, Sleepy Hollow, Tilting Rock Road, Pond Meadow Drive, Hamilton Road, Janice Circle, Hidden Meadows Lane, Woodland Road, Trafalgar Square, Thurston Street (from East Street to Washington Street), Myrtle Street (from Thurston Street to 46 Myrtle Street), Warner Trail Road, Dunn Avenue, Nadeau Drive, Ames Avenue, Davis Avenue, L’Herault Drive, Hawes Street, Indian Head Road, Arrowhead Road, Well #4, and Washington Street (from Thurston Street to 475 Washington Street).

Sunday, October 14th through Thursday October 18th, 2018 – Taunton Street (from Common Street to 381 Taunton Street), DPW Complex, Garden Lane, Red Bird Road, Tilting Rock Road Elementary Schools, Madison Street (from East Street to 369 Madison Street), Clark Road, Cowell Road, Cobb Road, Fox Run Road, Regent Road, Stoney Brook Road, Dedham Street (from Franklin Street to Winter Street), Lorraine Metcalf Drive, North Street, Winter Street, Cee Jay Terrace, Lyndon Road, Charles Samuel Way, East Street (from Thurston Street to Winter Street), King James Way, Alderbrook Court, Fairbanks Drive, East Street (from Winter Street to Vine Street), Everett Street (from East Street to rear of 85 Vine Street); Smith House Road, Federico Drive, Meadowbrook Drive, Crocker Pond Road, Myrtle Street, Pond Street, Lisa Drive, Washington Street, Well #6, Dedham Street (from Winter Street to the Norfolk Town Line), Geordan Avenue, Off Dedham Street to 550-560 Dedham Street, Off Dedham Street to Lost Meadow Condominiums, Off Dedham Street to the rear of 10 Cushing Drive through Kenneth A. Miner Drive cul-de-sac, Cushing Drive, Kenneth A. Miner Drive, Everett Street (from rear of 85 Vine Street to Norfolk Town Line), Vine Street, Foxboro Road, and Wisteria Way.

Sunday, October 21st through Thursday October 25th, 2018 Washington Street (from Thurston Street to Madison Street), Off Madison Street to 730 Madison Street, Commercial Drive, Madison Street (from 515 Madison Street to Plainville Town Line), Melanie Lane, Forest Park Triplexes, Thurston Street (from Washington Street to 617 Thurston Street), Old Quarry Road, Oak Ridge Drive, High Point Way, Granite Way, Blake Road, Wares Lane, Fisher Road, Aldis Lane, Phillips Lane, Harvard Lane, Peters Lane, Martin Lane, Charles Street, Catherine Avenue, Park Street, Dana Drive, Laurie Lane, Julie Drive, Arlene Drive, Jennifer Drive, Binney Circle, Warren Drive, Joshua Road, Shears Street, Cypress Road, Hemlock Road, May Street, New Emerald Lane, Fisher Road, Forest Grove Avenue, Holly Lane, Hickory Road, Willow Lane, Walnut Road, Maple Hill Road, South Street (from Knuck Up Hill Tank Easement to Wampum Corner), West Street, (from Wampum Corner to Mill Pond Drive), Mill Pond Drive, East Side Road, Earl Stewart Lane, Lower East Side Road, Annawon Avenue, Pokanoket Path, Riverside Drive Well #5, Elysium Street and Woolford Road.

Sunday, October 28th through Thursday November 1st, 2018 –Beech Street (from South Street to hydrant at 584 Taunton Street), Taunton Street (from Beech Street to 400 Taunton Street), Rebecca Road, Badus Brook Road, High Meadow Road, Gibbons Lane, Village Way, South Street (from Wampum Corner to Plainville Town Line), Wampanoag Village, Berry Street, Wampum Street, Wrentham Premium Village Outlets, West Street (from South Street to Athletic Drive), Riverside Drive, Weetamoo Way, Bennett Street, Roger Goodwin Drive, Desert Brook Road, Cranberry Lane, Abner Belcher Drive, Ox-Bow Drive, Lealand Peck Drive, West Street (from Athletic Drive to Sheldon Road), Green Street, Flannery Lane, Wentworth Road, Chestnut Street, Cherry Street, Carriage House Lane, West Street (from 830 West Street to 1344 West Street), Ellery Street, Burnt Swamp Road, Hancock Street, Arnold Street, Bucks Hill Tank, Rhodes Drive, Manchester Drive, West Street (from Ellery Street to 1660 West Street), Off West Street to 1351 West Street, Ray Road, Comstock Road, Cumberland Road, Heather Lane and Grants Mills Road.

Sunday, November 4th through Monday, November 5th –, West Street (from Ray Road to the end at Luke Street), Luke Street, Jenks Street, Williams Street, Wamsutta Way, Blackberry Hill Road, Oak Hill Avenue, Ridge Road, Summit Circle, Spring Street Autumn Road, Grant Avenue, and MacDougald Drive.