The Annual Town Meeting has been postponed to June 22, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at the King Philip Regional High School. The Annual Town Election has been postponed to June 29, 2020.

Pioneer Engine Company

The Pioneer Engine Company (PECO) was established in 1903.  The organization is a non-profit organization that consists of full-time and part-time members of the Wrentham Fire Department. 

PECO is known for doing events throughout the community including parades, fund-raisers, and public appearances - best known for our Chowder Booth at Wrentham’s Founder’s Day Celebration.

We also currently own a 1925 Seldon Antique Fire Truck, which you can be viewed under ‘Pictures’ on the Wrentham Fire Department’s Webpage or at the Wrentham Fire Department Headquarters.