ZBA Fees

The costs associated with the application are as follows:

The applicant will submit one check, as noted below – Payable to the Town of Wrenthamfor administrative costs associated with the processing of the application

In the amount of $100.00 for residential uses,


In the amount of $200 for commercial uses

The applicant will be billed directly by the Sun Chronicle for fees associated with the Legal Ad for the Public Hearing Notice. *Phone number and email must be on application

The Wrentham Zoning Board of Appeals will submit the Legal Ad to the Sun Chronicle on behalf of the applicant. The Hearing date is subject to change if the applicant does not pay the fees to the Sun Chronicle in time for the Ad deadline.

The applicant is responsible for providing pre-stamped envelopes to the Zoning office in order to mail the hearing notice to all abutters and the Planning Board of six (6) abutting towns.  The applicant is responsible for providing stamps associated with mailing of Decision cards to all abutters and the Planing Board of six (6) abutting towns.