Why doesn’t the applicant start with the ZBA Office?

The Building Inspector is the Zoning Enforcement Officer who determines whether an applicant even needs to appear before the ZBA.

What is the next step after filling out the Application forms?

The applicant returns the completed forms with the ZBA for review.  The ZBA files the application with the Town Clerk.

When is the Applicant scheduled for a Public Hearing?

The ZBA must schedule a Public Hearing within 65 days from the time the application is filed with the Town Clerk. Normally, the hearing is scheduled about a month after the filing.

How does the Application get advertised in the paper?

The ZBA arranges for the applicant’s request to be advertised in The Sun Chronicle for the two weeks prior to the public hearing date.

Who notifies the abutters?

The ZBA provides the Public Notice for the mailing that the applicant mails to each abutter and six abutting town Planning Boards, no less than fourteen days prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Why does the applicant have to wait 21 days after the Board’s Decision?

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A allows a 20 day appeal period for any party aggrieved by a decision of the ZBA to file his/her appeal.

Why does the applicant need a certified copy of the Decision?

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds in Dedham will only record a certified copy of the Decision.

When is the Decision effective?

The Decision is effective when you have filed the Decision at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds. You must still obtain a Building Permit from the Building Department before starting construction.

How do I file for a Building Permit?

The Applicant must bring proof (Norfolk County Registry of Deeds Receipt) to the Building Department as proof that a certified copy of the Decision has been recorded at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds.

How long is the Special Permit or Variance effective?

Special Permits shall lapse after three years and Variances shall lapse after one year, unless substantial use or construction has commenced or applications for extensions have been filed with the ZBA prior to the expiration date.


Aquifer Protection Districts protect the town's water supply by protecting the contributing aquifers to the town's well sites. These aquifers are delineated on the town's Aquifer Protection District map.

The Town of Wrentham is divided in zoning districts each with its own distinct regulations and requirements. The zoning districts are:

                     R-30, R-43, R-87, B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2, C-3, HC, CRSP, W, A, SU, MMSU, VZA, and VZB

Zoning districts are delineated on the Zoning Map and described in the Wrentham Zoning By-Laws Article 3, Section 3.1

Click this link to the Planning Board site (under Forms and Documents) if you would like to view the Town of Wrentham Zoning Bylaws.

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