Planning Board Development Projects

The Planning Board reviews a number of applications througout the year including Special Permits, Site Plans, Approval Not Required (ANR), Definitive and Preliminary Subdivision Plans, Scenice Road Permits and any number of modifications of previously approved permits. Listed below are the projects that may have a broad public interest. Not all projects reivewed by the Planning Board are listed here. Please contact the Planning Department at 508-384-5400 x5441 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you have any questions or comments about a project, whether listed below or not.

Projects - Under Review

 Have a project in mind but not sure where to start? We can help! Contact the Planning Department to set up a Technical Review meeting with staff and let us help you get started!

113 Winter Street - Special Permit


Site Plans, Revised October 15, 2019

Project Rendering and Floor Plan

Existing Condition Plan Sept 25, 2019


201 Wampum Street - 1 Lot Subdivision


Definitive Plan 6/1/19

Response to Comments 7/17/19


Projects - Decision Rendered

500 Thurston St. - Gas Station & Car Wash - Approved

Special Permit Decision, 5/2/19

Site Plans, Revised 3/29/19

Stormwater Report, Revised 3/29/19

Traffic Report, 4/3/19

Traffic Report Appendix, 4/3/19


635 Dedham St. - Senior Living Community - Approved

Special Permit & Site Plan Approval Decision

Site Plans, Final 3/20/19

Stormwater Report, 7/12/18 

Application, 7/12/18


Ledgeview - Mixed Use Commercial Subdivision - Approved

Earth Removal Special Permit, 6/14/17

Special Permit-Special Permit Approval 6/14/17

Definitive Subdivision Plan - 2/3/17


Supercharged (f.k.a. NasKart) - Indoor Recreation Facility - Approved

Special Permit - Site Plan Approval (Commerce Way), 11/14/17

Special Permit - Site Plan Approval, 11/19/17

Site Plans, Final 11/21/17

Minor Modification to SP-SPA, 01/31/19


Park Place - Open Space Preservation Subdivision - Approved

Open Space Preservation Dvlmt Special Permit, 09/06/17

Definitive Subdivision Decision, 09/06/17

Definitive Subdivision Plan, 10/18/17 

Earth Removal Special Permit, 09/06/17

Stormwater Report - 2017


685 South St - Office, Retail & Restaurant Building - Approved

Special Permit - Site Plan Approval Decision, 08/07/18

Site Plan, Final 07/20/18


630-650 South St - CVS & Cumberland Farms Gas Station - Approved

Special Permit - Site Plan Approval Decision, 03/22/18

Site Plans, Final 04/10/18

Traffic Impact Study, 01/08/18

Drainage Report - 01/08/18