Planning Board

Responsibilities of the Planning Board

The Planning Board, established under Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 41, Section 81A, is an elected board comprised of seven members, each with a three year term.

The Planning Board's primary responsibilities include:

  • Administering subdivision regulations. A subdivision is a parcel of land that is divided into two or more lots and generally requires the construction of a new road.
  • Serving as the Site Plan and Special Permit Granting Authority for development proposals in the business and commercial districts.
  • Serving as Special Permit Granting Authority for the Town's Earth Removal, Watershed Protection and Aquifer Protection Bylaws.
  • Reviewing and proposing amendments to the Town Zoning Bylaws.

As mentioned, the Planning Board is responsible for approval of most new development in Town. These include divisions of land to create new buildable lots and site plans/special permits for new commercial and multi-family development. State and local laws which govern the process for these approvals are MGL Chapter 40A (the Zoning Act); MGL Chapter 41, Sections 81K - 81GG (the Subdivision Control Law) (see also an overview of the Subdivision Control Law); the Town of Wrentham Subdivision Rules and Regulations and the Town of Wrentham Zoning Bylaws. Most non-residential development in town requires the grant of special permit from the Planning Board. Massachusetts has very specific requirements for the special permit hearing and decision-making process.

Applications are scheduled for Public Hearings or Planning Board approval when completed application forms, plans and required fees are received at the Planning Board office. All material received by the Planning Board in connection with applications is considered public information and can be seen during posted office hours.

The Planning Board also considers and prepares amendments to the Town of Wrentham Zoning By-laws. They conduct public hearings on these amendments and on zoning amendments that are submitted to the Board by way of citizen petition through the proper procedures governed by State laws.

Please visit for additional land use related educational materials.

If you have other questions or need additional information, please call the Planning Board office at 508-384-5441 during posted office hours, or email us at:

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  • The meetings of the Planning Board are open to the public and are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Second Floor Meeting Room of the Town Hall(unless otherwise posted).
  • All meetings are open to the public, and public input is encouraged.
  • The Planning Board accepts comments on all applications they are reviewing. These comments may be made verbally at the hearing, or in writing. Written comments may be delivered ; either by mail, hand or fax at (508) 384-3174. All comments submitted become part of the official record.
  • A meeting agenda is posted with the Town Clerk in Town Hall and on this website no less than forty-eight hours prior to the meeting.

 If you are interested in a particular item or hearing, we strongly recommend you call the office to confirm the date and time of the public hearing.

Phone Number:

(508) 384-5441

Fax Number:

(508) 384-3174

Town Planner

Richard McCarthy
Interim Planning Director
(508) 384-5441

Departmental Secretary

Priscilla McGill
(508) 384-5441
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All agendas, notices and minutes provided on this web site are for informational purposes only.  Official copies of agendas and notices are available at Town Hall.  Official copies of the minutes are available at the Planning Office