The Board of Selectmen voted to postpone the April 6, 2020 Annual Town Election to a date undeteremined.

Public Hearing Notices - Conservation Commission

In compliance with the Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 131, Section 40 and the Wrentham Wetland Protection By-Law, the Wrentham Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing at the Wrentham Town Hall, Meeting Room, 79 South Street, Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7:15 P.M. for a Notice of Intent from William F. Peterson for the removal of a failed septic system and replacement of all septic components located at 1 Myrtle Street.

Said work to be within 100 feet of wetlands. Persons wanting to see the plans prior to the hearing, call 508-384-5417.


CANCELLED7:00 p.m.Public Hearing to Amend Conservation Commission Regulations 

PROPOSED REGULATION AMENDMENT: In “Regulations of the Town of Wrentham Conservation Commission” under “Section 12.0: Using property under Conservation Commission jurisdiction” replace rule 12.0.l Dog Control in its entirety with:

  1. Dogs are allowed in all Wrentham Conservation Areas, but only if on a leash or lead suitable to prevent the dog from being at large except as allowed below, and to prevent the dog from being a public nuisance, as those terms are defined in the Town of Wrentham General Bylaws, Article 5.20: Animal Control, and only if the dog is wearing a currently valid dog license tag. 
  2. Dogs may be allowed off-leash in the area designated as “Off-Leash Area”. The area designated as “Off-Leash Area” shall be that portion of Birchwold Conservation area which is outside of the Open Space field designated with signage as Off-Leash Area.” Dogs in the off-leash area must be under the care and control of an owner or keeper such that the dog is under voice command sufficient to prevent the dog from disturbing or harming wildlife, other dogs, people or property. 
  3. The owner or keeper of any dog shall immediately remove and properly dispose of dog waste deposited by said dog in any portion of any Wrentham Conservation Area. 
  4. Violators of this regulation shall be subject to the enforcement provisions of Article 5.20 of the Wrentham General Bylaws, and may be subject to fines, penalties and impoundment as specified under, Article 4.10, Section 7, B.ix. of said Bylaw.


Leo Immonen