Community Preservation Committee

Acceptance of the Community Preservation Act

At the November 8, 2016 election, the Town of Wrentham voted to accept the Community Preservation Act (Chapter 44B, Sections 3 to 7).

The Community Preservation Committee, or CPC, consists of nine members as follows:

One representative from each of the following boards and committees: 
Historical Commission
Open Space Committee
Recreation Committee
Planning Board
Conservation Commission
Board of Selectmen
Housing Authority

and two citizens-at-large.

The current membership:
Barry Kassler, Open Space Committee (Chairman)
Mark Cuddy, Recreation Committee (Vice Chairman)
Robin McDonald, Citizen-at-Large (Clerk)
Leo Immonen, Conservation Commission
Alex Leonard, Historical Commission
Carol Mollica, Housing Authority
Steve Langley, Board of Selectmen
Scott Manchuso, Citizen-at-Large
Chuck Woodhams, Planning Board

The CPC meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at the Bennett Gardens Meeting Room.